Nakuru Golf Tournament

Sep 25, 2021

A little bird told us that the most important shot in golf is the next one. And we wanted a first-class seat in watching the truth in this statement unfold as we told the golfers a little information about our own various apartments in Kilimani for sale and generally discuss the Nairobi real estate world and also homes for sale in Nairobi. And boy did we love the interaction with the golfers at Nakuru. Their warmth, charm and charisma were amazing, and the whole event turned out to be a wonderful networking event. It was so nice to explain the wonderful plans that we have for Nakuru, now and in the future. Kings Sapphire is setting the standards for affordable housing in Nakuru and we will deliver each promise we make to the great county of Nakuru.

Kings Developers was a proud sponsor of the Nakuru golf tournament and we are sure we will be back again. Congratulations to all the winners.

And indeed, it is true, the most important shot is the next one, both in golf and in business.