CSR at Kawangware Primary School, Nairobi

December 29, 2020

Kawangware Primary school happens to be one of the biggest schools in Kawangware. With a capacity of 2300 pupils, their feeding program becomes hectic since feeding 2300 pupils everyday is an overwhelming task, especially when the funds are not enough.

We decided to be part of their feeding program, and help feed the kids in school. As per their request, we carried with us rice, beans, cooking oil and some goodies, with an aim to help easen the burden on the feeding program, by creating an abundance for them. It was a learning experience for us, as they opened their gates to us and introduced us to the school’s candidates, and as they shared what they hope for the future. We also got to see, how they are fighting the spread of Covid19.

It was a day well spent, and we are excited about the future partnerships we will have with the school.