CSR at Embakasi Police Station, Nairobi

March 27, 2020

They police take care of us. They maintain law and order and keep us safe and in check. And we wanted to show our gratitude, by adding more safety precautions at their work station.

Today in partnership with our sister company, The Royal Tanks Company in Nakuru, we donated, water tanks, soaps and sanitizers, that will serve as additional sanitization points, as you can never be too cautious during a pandemic.

We thank the Embakasi OCPD for the warm welcome, and we appreciate the Kenya Police force in general for their service.

Our message for the nation right now is, as Prophet Mohammed said, “We need to be faithful to the country that we live in” Therefore we encourage our fellow Kenyans to be faithful in their words and actions... And also with the guidance of our spiritual leader Dr. Syedna Muffaddal Saifuddin, we are encouraged to take care of each other, because we know together, we shall overcome. We join hands with H.E President Kenyatta to fight this pandemic. Na Mungu ailinde nchi yetu ya Kenya.