Boma Yangu Certificate - Kings Serenity, Rongai

June 05, 2020

We are pleased to receive the Boma Yangu Certificate handed to us on the 5th of June,2020. This certificate qualifies us as Strategic Partners for Affordable Housing Projects. We understand a lot of businesses in this life run on the fuel called trust, and our sector is no different. This is because we need you to trust us. To trust us enough to invest with us, to trust us enough to buy off plan houses from us without having any doubt. In that regard, we know it may be difficult to distinguish who is real and who is fake. But now you can, as the government gives a Boma yangu Certificate to trusted real Estate Developers, to certify that they can be relied upon. as it is an honour which affirms our integrity and our commitment to always keep our word.

So what exactly is the Boma Yangu Certificate.

This is a certificate given to private housing developers, by the state departments of housing and urban development. It is only the developers who have met the criteria set by the government that get certified, to be qualified in saying that they are strategic partners with the government for affordable housing.

Why do you need a Boma Yangu Certificate?

This serves as a validation proof. Truth be told, there are many people who pretend to be private developers, but all they are after is your money. And once they have it, they are gone, and you end up losing your life’s savings. So, the Boma certificate, is proof, that a private developer is legit, and his properties and land check out.
It is a full proof measure, because the specific properties that qualify, are put on the website for the public to view, with the contact information of the developer, to avoid middlemen and con men.

Why Boma Yangu?

This is a platform created by the State Department of Housing and Urban Development under the ministry of transport and infrastructure development that allows you to start your journey towards home ownership.
Through the Affordable Housing Programme (AHP) an initiative by government as one of the pillars under the ‘Big 4 Agenda’ which ensures that low and middle income households have access to decent and affordable housing units.