1. Decide if you’re ready to be a homeowner.
It may look as easy as you have read it. But are you really ready to build or buy a home? Do you have the time to supervise the construction of your home ? Because here is an unpopular fact ,you can not do mobile construction .You always need to be on site .If not have you factored hiring a contractor fulltime .Building your dream home is a tedious process .Do you have the necessary time required .If not are you willing to pay for a contractor full time? Weigh out your possibilities .Sometimes you may need to buy a house first ,before you reach that level in your life ,where you can start on building your home .Be flexible.

2. Write down 5 things that are important to you in a house.
When you want to buy a house we know you would want a variety of things .But sometimes the bitter truth is that you will not get everything you want ,so you will have to list down 5 non-negotiables you require from the house that you are buying. We all want a house that has a gym ,a swimming pool ,a play area ,in a safe neighborhood ,within the perfect location to serve your needs and many other things that you look for .But pick five that must be in that house. We have had clients who are buying our houses because we have gyms in our establishments .They like working out ,and work from home ,so a gym was an essential thing for them ,we’ve also had a client who bought from us because of our heated swimming pools .Simply because they have kids who are in the swimming team ,so they want the convenience for their kids . You may not always have everything that you want ,but your 5 non-negotiables ,always have them in mind.

3. Do your own research
This is very important .Always conduct your own research. Read about the company yourself .Research on how long construction takes. Do your search to check on the legitimacy of the investment .Take time to gather your information .Information may be in the internet ,but also learn to sift what is real and what are lies

4. Know What You Can Afford
Everyone has a different financial capacity .Everybody’s financial muscle flexes different. So be able to understand what you can afford.

5. Always negotiate
A rule in business: Always ask for a discount. The company will never tell you they will discount it for you .The only time they will tell you is when they are having an offer. But if the money you have in your pocket is within the range of the selling price ,always ask if you can negotiate .Not only the money ,but also the payment period .A lot of times ,nothing has been engraved on stone that it can not be changed.

6. Know what you want-Everyone has an opinion.
The house will belong to you and nobody else. So the most important opinion to always consider is yours. The preferences to consider should be yours. Your friend prefers an open kitchen ,but what do you prefer? Your extended family prefers this ,but what do you prefer?

7. Always go and talk to your bank.
The topic of mortgage is really frowned upon sometimes ,but we highly advise you to visit your bank or Sacco and talk to them about mortgage .You will be shocked to know they have very favorable interest rates .If you are a Kenyan ,and are a civil servant or your friend or parent is a civil servant ,advise them to join Boma Yangu . The home ownership journey ought to be a simple journey

8. Ask the big and small questions.
Nothing is too easy to ask or too hard to ask. Ask everything .The sales team will always be there to help you. It will be your home ,so do not let any question slide.