Let us talk home ownership.

Home ownership is considered a self-actualization point among a lot of people . The point in your life where paying rent is non-existent . A lot of us want to reach this point in life . But do you know , there are different kinds of home ownership. In addition to that , the journey to home ownership is also different and varied for everyone ? Not everyone likes the same things.

Owning a home does not necessarily mean buying yourself land, and building a home for yourself. It also means buying already constructed houses, and making them your homes. It can also mean buying yourself apartments and moving right in, and making them your home. Or you can get yourself prefab houses, and build yourself a home in less than a week, and still that would be your own story to home ownership.

Basically home ownership is different for everyone.

There are several other factors to consider in your journey to home ownership :

Are you a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor?

One has  to understand these are two people on very different tangents in life. More often times than not , we tend to think these two peoples’ needs are the same. Whilst the fact is always far from the truth. Once you understand where you stand, you are able to understand what you need, and why people buy and not build homes.

Overhead costs.

While building your home is a great achievement, sometimes people tend to forget the overhead costs that follow up later. Costs such as security and compound maintenance, and other unintended costs that follow up later. While for some, these costs will not dent their budgets, for others they prefer paying a service charge, and all the expected and non-expected costs will be covered by the surcharge fees.

What stage in life are you in.

There is no set age as to when you should own a home. Everybody has their own path charted for them. So one can own a home while still in their teenage hood, whilst others will own their first home in their forties. Thus such variables ought to influence your story of home ownership, since a young family starting out life and owning their first home, can not be compared to a couple with young adults who are about to own their first home.

Once you understand the variables that affect your home ownership journey, you will be able, to have a pace ,and gain momentum to your journey of home ownership.

We created a flowchart for you ,to understand if you are at the right stage of owning a home ,click on the links ,and get to know :



Kings developers has been in existence for quite sometime . However we did not dip all our toes in real estate venturing  out , and miraculously finding ourselves thriving and crushing it in this market . We did our time.

Cliché as it sounds , we trusted the process . At one point in your life someone has  ever told you to write down your goals / visions  / aspirations /dreams . Or better yet , you were told to draw a vision board and put in it what you wanted to see in your future and visualize how your future would look like with all that you’ve thought of .Then you had to formulate a way to work towards bringing into reality all that you put in your vision board .

Well , that was how it started for us . Our grandfathers started a business to sustain the respective families , one that will eventually have the children taking over from their parents . After all , you are not successful until your successor is successful . That was way back in 1954 when Hakimi Glass Mart was established in Mombasa’s old town. Hakimi Glass Mart further expanded its ventures to Nakuru in 1990.

With time , the children became apprentices , each learning how to make the family business grow and adapting to the changing times of the business world .

We believe the surest way of creating wealth is by meeting a need in society . Where we are right now, what need does the society seem to want to be met?

In this modern digital age , one sure answer might be privacy and digital security . One can work their way round that and fulfil that need .

Wealth creation , is not a one-off thing ,work needs to be done . Financial discipline needs to be the embroidery of wealth creation. With the right kind of financial discipline , with time one saves enough and ventures out in other prospective business dealings ,and maintains a steady expansion of own business.

Fifty years later , in 2006 ,that was when Kings Developers was born . We saw a need in the Kenyan market to build luxurious homes for Kenyans ,and we took it and we ran with it.

And here we are fifteen years later , curving our own niche in the real estate world.

When we started out , we knew we wanted to leave our mark . Build homes and office spaces that would be a landmark . And we can say , we have done alright ,we have The Prism Towers ,the iconic building in Nairobi , The Pearl Residency in Lavington ,and we think so far , so good. The best part , is that we believe we just got started .

We may have given you a few insights to how it all started , but really what is our secret ?

“We’re all working together ; That’s the secret to our progress .”

The owners of Prism

Hello , and welcome to our world.

Hello there,

Happy new year!

Well , the year is 15 days old ,so we get a pass for that greeting 😊

The year 2020 came with a lot of surprises  and for some of us we had to learn and unlearn things that we thought we knew . And because of that we came to discover that there is so much information out there ,and sometimes getting filtered information that is curated for you ,legit and accurate in all matters can be an uphill task . So what if you didn’t have to struggle to get all that information?

What if we told you ,there is a place that holds all the real estate information you require.

Not only real estate but also construction . How about money matters , a pretty interesting discussion to have ,because money is a precious commodity.

Well , we are both pleased and excited to announce the launch of our official blog

It has been a project in the works , and now we finally have it.

We talked about  resolutions on our social media pages for the year ,and here we are ticking off one of them!

Welcome to our blog ,where we will laugh and learn together ,and also navigate the sometimes stormy waters of the real estate world.

We will break down information  and keep you in the know , because after all ,Knowledge is power!

In the meantime , let us soar high this year . Just like The Prism Towers.

See you in our next post.


Hello and welcome to kdl blog

Hello and welcome to kdl blog