1. Decide if you’re ready to be a homeowner.
It may look as easy as you have read it. But are you really ready to build or buy a home? Do you have the time to supervise the construction of your home ? Because here is an unpopular fact ,you can not do mobile construction .You always need to be on site .If not have you factored hiring a contractor fulltime .Building your dream home is a tedious process .Do you have the necessary time required .If not are you willing to pay for a contractor full time? Weigh out your possibilities .Sometimes you may need to buy a house first ,before you reach that level in your life ,where you can start on building your home .Be flexible.

2. Write down 5 things that are important to you in a house.
When you want to buy a house we know you would want a variety of things .But sometimes the bitter truth is that you will not get everything you want ,so you will have to list down 5 non-negotiables you require from the house that you are buying. We all want a house that has a gym ,a swimming pool ,a play area ,in a safe neighborhood ,within the perfect location to serve your needs and many other things that you look for .But pick five that must be in that house. We have had clients who are buying our houses because we have gyms in our establishments .They like working out ,and work from home ,so a gym was an essential thing for them ,we’ve also had a client who bought from us because of our heated swimming pools .Simply because they have kids who are in the swimming team ,so they want the convenience for their kids . You may not always have everything that you want ,but your 5 non-negotiables ,always have them in mind.

3. Do your own research
This is very important .Always conduct your own research. Read about the company yourself .Research on how long construction takes. Do your search to check on the legitimacy of the investment .Take time to gather your information .Information may be in the internet ,but also learn to sift what is real and what are lies

4. Know What You Can Afford
Everyone has a different financial capacity .Everybody’s financial muscle flexes different. So be able to understand what you can afford.

5. Always negotiate
A rule in business: Always ask for a discount. The company will never tell you they will discount it for you .The only time they will tell you is when they are having an offer. But if the money you have in your pocket is within the range of the selling price ,always ask if you can negotiate .Not only the money ,but also the payment period .A lot of times ,nothing has been engraved on stone that it can not be changed.

6. Know what you want-Everyone has an opinion.
The house will belong to you and nobody else. So the most important opinion to always consider is yours. The preferences to consider should be yours. Your friend prefers an open kitchen ,but what do you prefer? Your extended family prefers this ,but what do you prefer?

7. Always go and talk to your bank.
The topic of mortgage is really frowned upon sometimes ,but we highly advise you to visit your bank or Sacco and talk to them about mortgage .You will be shocked to know they have very favorable interest rates .If you are a Kenyan ,and are a civil servant or your friend or parent is a civil servant ,advise them to join Boma Yangu . The home ownership journey ought to be a simple journey

8. Ask the big and small questions.
Nothing is too easy to ask or too hard to ask. Ask everything .The sales team will always be there to help you. It will be your home ,so do not let any question slide.



Back when we were kids, we were taught that shelter is a basic need. And as sure, as the sun rises on the east, then you best believe that Shelter till date is still a basic need. Here is the thing, a settled person has confident strides : Literally and Figuratively.
But how do you get there?
How does one get to this level?
Different setups define highest levels of comfort different. But in the African society ,owning a home is a high level of comfort and security .So how does one get there?
How does one save up?
First and foremost you need to understand your budget and what kind of home you need.
Now, we do not want to be Debbie downers,but owning a mansionette without going through a couple of steps first may not necessarily be the best option for you. Mansions require a lot of capacity ,and sometimes we lack that capacity .So it is okay to hold out on the mansion .For now.
This is where you analyze your earning power .One needs to understand their earning power and their purchasing power. The money that you get every month or every week or even every day, what kind or type of house can it buy?
Homes are classified into low-cost housing ,affordable housing ,middle class housing and high-end housing.
Now ,here is a sweetener .The government has an initiative called the Boma yangu platform .In this initiative you are able to buy a house that would have taken you years to save on :
You can check out their website :
Our homes ,JoinVen ,Serenity homes are in this initiative also.
So, once you understand your budget and the kind of home you need,you have already laid the foundation of how to start your savings.
Secondly ,we advise you to join a sacco or visit your bank .Have a candid conversation about saving and about mortgage. Now, Mortgage sometimes is a conversation that is frowned upon ,but this is a necessary conversation to have .You ought to understand ,there is good debt ,and there is bad debt .If you check with your financial institution and discover that you qualify for mortgage ,that might be a route that you should perhaps consider .If you do not ,well and good ,there are other options on the table.
So ,with the above foundations having been setup , we have outlined tips on saving for a home:
1.) Cut down on luxury.
Luxury is that thing ,that you can survive without .This is a temporary measure ,but a good one to start on .For example ,taking vacations in a year ,buying too much alcohol , spending generously on friends, always ordering take out or blowing up tonnes of money on partying over the weekends.
Now ,these are all things which are important ,but they are not essential .Your life will be okay if you do not do these events .Minimize on the spending and maximize on retaining your money.
Sit down with your partner or spouse ,write down things that you consider essential and those that are a must have ,and then also write down things that are just hands down luxury .Calculate how much you spend on each ,then decide what you need to cut off your life.
The amount of money that you would spend on these things ,now that becomes what you save on.

2.) Cut down on bad habits. Exercise financial discipline.
You know your bad habits .Impulsive shopping .You did not need those two extra pairs of shoes that you bought yesterday .You saw them and bought them without planning to .Learn to exercise financial discipline ,because this is the backbone of everything .You do not need to buy a new phone each time a new model makes it to the market.

Trust us ,there will always be a new phone in the market everyday.

3.) Start a side hustle that does not require a lot of start up capital.
Now ,we have just told you to cut down on your expenditure ,and here we are again telling you to spend money .Now ,the trick is to start a business that can perhaps run from your house .You do not need to think of rent for this business .Can be baking ,online biasharas such as selling clothes ,shoes ,hair products ,beauty products ,online writing .The secret is to ensure that you do not spend more than what the business is giving you .The economies of scale need to balance out.
The returns for this business ,have one goal .They go into saving for your home.

4.) Sell things that you do not necessarily use in the house.
It would help in decluttering but also, this helps in building up on your savings for the home.

We will continue sharing tips on saving for your home, and how one handles the payments. So see you on our next post!


Benefits of investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate might seem like the latest get-rich-quick scheme you’ve seen or heard about, but it’s been here for quite some time and it’s been making people rich for years. Across Europe and the Asian continents, the real estate industry has been existing since the 1600s ,so this is not a market that is going away soon.


So what are the

 benefits of investing in real estate?

Real-estate investing benefits
Real-estate investing might seem complicated, but the benefits far exceed any speedbumps you might run into. And the benefits are many:

Passive income.

Building wealth and financial freedom is expedited with passive income. We believe passive income is money you earn in a way that requires little to no daily effort to maintain. Passive income ideas take some work to get up and running, but t

hey eventually earn you money while you sleep. Passive income will help protect you should you lose your job and can even help you retire early. Once you buy a property ,and you start to rent it, it becomes a source of income. Finishing the payments may have been an uphill task, but once the payments are done, the rental income starts streaming in.

Appreciation.Other than rent

Business expansion.

 payments, real-estate investors also make money through appreciation. Appreciation is the increase of value over time. As time passes, a property should increase in value and rent payments may also increase. When you eventually sell the property, you’ll make a profit as long

 as you’ve done your research and made a good investment. Always ensure the amenities are maintained.

No more renting .

Buying a home is 

part of real estate investing .No more renting .You no longer set apart a certain amount of money from your salary to pay someone to live in their house ,and that is a benefit that can not be over looked.

With the rise of the AirBnB business ,the real estate was given another foot stool to stand on .Another dimension to create money was created . And now one gets the option of opening an AirBnB business .All this is through the real estate world.



Price is what you pay , value is what you get

cheap is expensiveOver the last couple of years , collapsing buildings have managed to make it to the front headline pages on our newspapers and breaking news on both our mainstream and social media. We all know buildings collapse because something was not done right during construction time.
Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of America said that The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Now ,we have always heard of the unpopular / popular statement that cheap is always expensive, irony at its best, and yet the naked truth.
One way of attracting a whole lot of attention to your products is by having relatively low prices .This is the most sure bet to bring sales to your product .However ,it is always advisable not to get caught up in the catchiness of a low price .There will always be something you are trading in for from that low price .
True ,sometimes expensive is over rated ,but you can always know when you are getting a deal and when it is over priced for no good reason.
The real estate is always the best sector to measure this statement ,and of course the hospitality industry too.

You will always ask yourself why are you paying this much for this house ?
We came up with 5 things that we know make up the whole of why it is expensive:

A building which is close by to a thing or place that attracts a lot of human traffic will always be expensive ,as it provides an existing clientele for a business ,hence shopping centers .Also proximity to infrastructure and urban areas will always create such an effect.

Take time and do your research about a house’s finishing .There are very many tiles in the business .Very many different kinds of cabinets ,gypsums ,shower heads ,toilet bowls and seats .And we all want our houses to look unique and different .This fact will always come with a price .We may want our tiles to look glossy ,glossy tiles come at a higher price .You may want a wider showerhead ,this costs extra ,and thus the finishing has a heavy influence on the final pricing of the house ,because ,you will be getting unique.

A house which has no pool , lifts , zero parking no gym or running track will automatically be cheaper than a house which has all the above . Comfort costs money , and so does enjoyment .

Not so many people want to be cramped up in a tiny space with a big family .The bigger the house , the more money it is . The big house needed more bags of cement and stones.

-Cost of labor
The best of the best are always hired to avoid future calamities .They are brought on board to ensure the buildings last and last like a mother’s love .There is nothing more precious on life more than life ,and that is why the cost of labor can not be compromised on. We work with the best ,to give you the best .



“There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama.

Growing up the hardest/sometimes easiest question that we were usually asked was “what do you want to be when you grow up?”
We all gave our answers such as doctor , pilot , neuro surgeon , teacher , engineer which were the answers the children in us thought were the right answers, while maybe we felt sometimes those were the answers that our parents needed to hear.

A lot of times though, rarely did we hear the girls say they want to build houses ,architecture yes ,but construction not so much.

You can do anything if you want to.

For the longest time, the construction world looked like it was made for the men and if history is anything to go by ,the construction world was mainly a male dominated area.
Not that this is a battle of the sexes article , but more of a reflective article on where we have come from , where we are and where we are heading to.
Globally one of the first documented women in construction was in the late 1800s. Emily Roebling .
She stepped in as the “first woman field engineer” and saw out the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge but only because her husband had become ill.
She is the first documented lady , but not because she was the only one . Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if her husband had never fallen ill.
As a matter of fact, women used to be at construction sites as laborers carrying water , digging ditches for foundations , thatching roofs and mixing motors . The problem is that they were never documented as part of the crew.

But if we were to bring the point home , African women have been in construction since their existence . The Maasai and Turkana women built the manyattas themselves . The Kamba ladies would build a mud hut if one lady in the village was chased away from her house by her husband . So women have been in construction , it’s just that we viewed it from a different lens.

However times have changed , and more ladies are joining the construction world . The modern construction world and the world is fully embracing it . And we are here to celebrate them today. We pay homage to you today.
For the aspiring ones ,welcome to our world. This is a world full of so many possibilities and opportunities. Rest assured , your best feeling will always be seeing a bare ground transformed to a skyscraper . We have come from far , and we are going far .So, buckle up.
Before embarking on the adventure of joining construction workers in the industry, women may want to know a few helpful facts in order to access their options.

(But before that , here is something that you should know )
Construction is very much in need of female leaders as construction managers, executive, and CEO roles. 44% of the top one hundred contracting companies have women in leadership roles! So there is enough room for you.

Tips for Women in Construction
If you are trying to join the working ranks of women in the industry, there are many details to consider. We recommend the following tips to excel in the field:
Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty – When it comes to any job, people in the labor positions give more respect to their supervisors when they are willing to do the same jobs if they have too.

Be goal oriented – In order to get ahead in the industry, everyone needs to prove their worth. Keep track of the numbers associated with your job so that you can set personal goals to better them.

Stand out – There’s nothing wrong with being yourself and a woman who knows what she wants. Using skill sets others in the industry may not have is an asset. That’s what people and contractors will remember.

Stay educated – Join training programs to keep in tune with your industry. Especially if you’re not ‘working on the ground.’ Knowing those little details will help you excel.

Allow yourself to be helped – It’s not that you can’t do it all, but there will come a time when having help really plays a role in your continued success. In a male-dominated industry, it doesn’t hurt to have someone to help bring you to the table.

Build up other women – In order to bring more women into the field, we need to embolden and inspire. Doing so will allow those who are already working hard to make a difference!

As we conclude, here’s one more tip:

For the courses that will open doors to this world : civil engineering , quantity surveyor , land surveyor , construction , electrical and wiring , mechanical engineering , woodshop , welding , architecture .




Let us talk home ownership.

Home ownership is considered a self-actualization point among a lot of people . The point in your life where paying rent is non-existent . A lot of us want to reach this point in life . But do you know , there are different kinds of home ownership. In addition to that , the journey to home ownership is also different and varied for everyone ? Not everyone likes the same things.

Owning a home does not necessarily mean buying yourself land, and building a home for yourself. It also means buying already constructed houses, and making them your homes. It can also mean buying yourself apartments and moving right in, and making them your home. Or you can get yourself prefab houses, and build yourself a home in less than a week, and still that would be your own story to home ownership.

Basically home ownership is different for everyone.

There are several other factors to consider in your journey to home ownership :

Are you a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor?

One has  to understand these are two people on very different tangents in life. More often times than not , we tend to think these two peoples’ needs are the same. Whilst the fact is always far from the truth. Once you understand where you stand, you are able to understand what you need, and why people buy and not build homes.

Overhead costs.

While building your home is a great achievement, sometimes people tend to forget the overhead costs that follow up later. Costs such as security and compound maintenance, and other unintended costs that follow up later. While for some, these costs will not dent their budgets, for others they prefer paying a service charge, and all the expected and non-expected costs will be covered by the surcharge fees.

What stage in life are you in.

There is no set age as to when you should own a home. Everybody has their own path charted for them. So one can own a home while still in their teenage hood, whilst others will own their first home in their forties. Thus such variables ought to influence your story of home ownership, since a young family starting out life and owning their first home, can not be compared to a couple with young adults who are about to own their first home.

Once you understand the variables that affect your home ownership journey, you will be able, to have a pace ,and gain momentum to your journey of home ownership.

We created a flowchart for you ,to understand if you are at the right stage of owning a home ,click on the links ,and get to know :



Kings developers has been in existence for quite sometime . However we did not dip all our toes in real estate venturing  out , and miraculously finding ourselves thriving and crushing it in this market . We did our time.

Cliché as it sounds , we trusted the process . At one point in your life someone has  ever told you to write down your goals / visions  / aspirations /dreams . Or better yet , you were told to draw a vision board and put in it what you wanted to see in your future and visualize how your future would look like with all that you’ve thought of .Then you had to formulate a way to work towards bringing into reality all that you put in your vision board .

Well , that was how it started for us . Our grandfathers started a business to sustain the respective families , one that will eventually have the children taking over from their parents . After all , you are not successful until your successor is successful . That was way back in 1954 when Hakimi Glass Mart was established in Mombasa’s old town. Hakimi Glass Mart further expanded its ventures to Nakuru in 1990.

With time , the children became apprentices , each learning how to make the family business grow and adapting to the changing times of the business world .

We believe the surest way of creating wealth is by meeting a need in society . Where we are right now, what need does the society seem to want to be met?

In this modern digital age , one sure answer might be privacy and digital security . One can work their way round that and fulfil that need .

Wealth creation , is not a one-off thing ,work needs to be done . Financial discipline needs to be the embroidery of wealth creation. With the right kind of financial discipline , with time one saves enough and ventures out in other prospective business dealings ,and maintains a steady expansion of own business.

Fifty years later , in 2006 ,that was when Kings Developers was born . We saw a need in the Kenyan market to build luxurious homes for Kenyans ,and we took it and we ran with it.

And here we are fifteen years later , curving our own niche in the real estate world.

When we started out , we knew we wanted to leave our mark . Build homes and office spaces that would be a landmark . And we can say , we have done alright ,we have The Prism Towers ,the iconic building in Nairobi , The Pearl Residency in Lavington ,and we think so far , so good. The best part , is that we believe we just got started .

We may have given you a few insights to how it all started , but really what is our secret ?

“We’re all working together ; That’s the secret to our progress .”

The owners of Prism


Hello , and welcome to our world.

Hello there,

Happy new year!

Well , the year is 15 days old ,so we get a pass for that greeting 😊

The year 2020 came with a lot of surprises  and for some of us we had to learn and unlearn things that we thought we knew . And because of that we came to discover that there is so much information out there ,and sometimes getting filtered information that is curated for you ,legit and accurate in all matters can be an uphill task . So what if you didn’t have to struggle to get all that information?

What if we told you ,there is a place that holds all the real estate information you require.

Not only real estate but also construction . How about money matters , a pretty interesting discussion to have ,because money is a precious commodity.

Well , we are both pleased and excited to announce the launch of our official blog

It has been a project in the works , and now we finally have it.

We talked about  resolutions on our social media pages for the year ,and here we are ticking off one of them!

Welcome to our blog ,where we will laugh and learn together ,and also navigate the sometimes stormy waters of the real estate world.

We will break down information  and keep you in the know , because after all ,Knowledge is power!

In the meantime , let us soar high this year . Just like The Prism Towers.

See you in our next post.


Hello and welcome to kdl blog

Hello and welcome to kdl blog