Cheap Is Expensive

February 25, 2021

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get“

Over the last couple of years, collapsing buildings have managed to make it to the front headline pages on our newspapers and breaking news on both our mainstream and social media. We all know buildings collapse because something was not done right during construction time.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of America said that The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Now, we have always heard of the unpopular / popular statement that cheap is always expensive, irony at its best, and yet the naked truth.

One way of attracting a whole lot of attention to your products is by having relatively low prices. This is the most sure bet to bring sales to your product. However, it is always advisable not to get caught up in the catchiness of a low price. There will always be something you are trading in for from that low price.

True, sometimes expensive is over rated, but you can always know when you are getting a deal and when it is over priced for no good reason.

The real estate is always the best sector to measure this statement, and of course the hospitality industry too.

You will always ask yourself why are you paying this much for this house ?

We came up with 5 things that we know make up the whole of why it is expensive:


A building which is close by to a thing or place that attracts a lot of human traffic will always be expensive, as it provides an existing clientèle for a business, hence shopping centres. Also proximity to infrastructure and urban areas will always create such an effect.


Take time and do your research about a house’s finishing. There are very many tiles in the business. Very many different kinds of cabinets, gypsums, shower heads, toilet bowls and seats. And we all want our houses to look unique and different. This fact will always come with a price. We may want our tiles to look glossy, glossy tiles come at a higher price. You may want a wider shower head, this costs extra, and thus the finishing has a heavy influence on the final pricing of the house, because, you will be getting unique.


A house which has no pool, lifts, zero parking no gym or running track will automatically be cheaper than a house which has all the above. Comfort costs money, and so does enjoyment.


Not so many people want to be cramped up in a tiny space with a big family. The bigger the house, the more money it is. The big house needed more bags of cement and stones.

Cost of labour

The best of the best are always hired to avoid future calamities. They are brought on board to ensure the buildings last and last like a mother’s love. There is nothing more precious on life more than life, and that is why the cost of labour can not be compromised on. We work with the best, to give you the best.