Why you need a property manager

January 05, 2023

We take care of your property so that you can take care of everything else!

Have you ever tried to do more than one task at a go? How did that go? Well, your guess is as good as mine, I presume it didn’t go well. Talking of property, can you imagine juggling between your day-to-day tasks, and still being the one to attend to client calls on delayed rent, and leaking taps? We all agree it can be quite overwhelming. Here are 5 reasons why you need a property manager.

Property Managers understand the Law

Managing a property, requires a fair share of understanding the law. These laws include Fair Housing Laws, Landlord-tenant laws, and even local building codes. This is crucial so that you may not infringe on the tenant's rights, and it is also important in drafting the lease agreement. Most importantly, property managers understand the law, and they are constantly updated when the law changes, such as Tax updates about your property.

Property managers help you source the best service providers

This is because they already have connections with vendors who are tried and tested. The service providers can range from utility maintenance, basic cleaning and disinfecting solutions, Security solutions, and Landscaping.

Property managers assist in tenant screening

Tenant screening is a very important aspect of leasing, which a private landlord might overlook. This involves assessing the likelihood of the tenant to fulfill the terms provided in the lease agreement. It involves a historical background check on the previous address, employment, criminal, and eviction history of the potential tenant. Through tenant screening, you avoid late rent payments, your property remains in good condition and you minimize tenant turnover.

Property Managers remain the contact point for all your property needs.

Having a property manager simply means, having better sleep at night, since all your worries are covered. You simply focus on enjoying the rewards of your investment and looking for more properties to invest in. All matters on tenant screening, lease agreement, vendor payment, property advertising, property showings, and tenant communication will be handled by the property manager.

Property managers help you set the best Rental Rate

Property managers understand the property market, and they can advise on the best market rate to rent your property. They also conduct market research to determine the best rental rate for properties. This is done by analyzing the average rental rate in the area, and also putting in mind economic factors which play a major role in rental income. Other factors such as location, accessibility, proximity to amenities, shopping malls, schools & hospitals also affect the rental income of properties.To sum it up, having a property manager means resting easy, knowing that your property is taken care of. We can take care of your investment and give you peace of mind. Call us today!.